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Our mini spell kits are perfect for beginners to start your spell casting magic journey. They contain 10 small glass jars of essential salts and herbs all hand filled and wax sealed by me.

🌙 Black Himalayan Salt
🌙 Pink Himalayan Salt
🌙 Lavender
🌙 St John's Wort
🌙 Mugwort
🌙 Red Sandalwood Powder
🌙 Cloves
🌙 Lemongrass
🌙 Caraway Seeds
🌙 Fenugreek Seeds

Plus a palo stick for smudging & smoke cleansing, a bag of bay leaves, a white candle & a small leaflet telling you the most common magical uses all in a lush wooden box all for £25!!!

This is perfect for any witches at any point in your learning and would also make a lovely gift.

These will be in limited numbers to start so if you want one, grab them now!

Boxes and more herbs also available separately.