Bergamot & White Jasmine

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Vibrant citrus top notes of bergamot and green mandarin interlaced with delicate white blossoms, lean into a heart of jasmine, orange blossom, and peach nectar. A mossy base accented with cedar and musks adds depth. Contains Vanillin.

Each 5 piece snap bar has 2 small pieces of dried orange to add a little extra zest to your experience.


In terms of spellwork, Jasmine generally has two main uses which are love spells and divination.

A Lunar herb, Jasmine is an appropriate choice for moon magic: dreaming, attraction, prophecy work and so on. Jasmine especially corresponds to the Waxing Moon.

Jasmine can be burned, scattered, or added to pillows and baths. To have this special fragrance in a wax melt and working around the melting wax will enhance your practices. Respect the mystery of this ancient flower fragrance, and it will reward you with clear vision and deep love.