10cm Yerba Santa Sage Smudge Stick

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Yerba Santa translates from Spanish into 'sacred herb' or 'holy herb'. The herb comes from the Eriodictyon Californicum plant which is also known as mountain balm. Native to California and Oregon. This smudge stick can be used just like a traditional white sage smudge stick as it is thought to help clear and purify spirits.

Whilst looking for some information to add here for you I found this nugget of knowledge.

Sage burning, or ‘smudging,’ is a form of sorcery or witchcraft, and throughout the Bible God specifically commands his people not to practice any form of sorcery, witchcraft, divination, spell conjuring, or anything of the like. Sorcery is an abomination in God’s sight, therefore, Christians should always steer clear of smudging. 

So, now you know :D Happy smudging witches :)

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